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Barack Obama Keepsakes

Life And Times Of Barack Obama Coin Set
Life And Times Of Obama Coin Set
The Life and Times of Barack Obama is a stunning set of 5 legal tender 24kt gold-plated U.S. quarters, attractively presented on a full-color coin card that also bears his replicated signature. Each quarter features a colorized image of Obama on the reverse side, representing an era in his life: childhood, high school graduate, college student, university professor, and Illinois state senator. A fitting tribute to a history-making presidential candidate. No matter what party you belong to, it's also a unique way to commemorate the 2008 election as a landmark in our lifetime.
#JS-84537  $99.95.

Obama Election & Inauguration Newspapers
Obama Election &Amp; Inauguration Newspapers
Commemorate one of the most important events in U.S. history--Barack Obama's election and subsequent inauguration as our country's 44th President. Own the main sections of the New York Times newspapers dated Nov. 5, 2008, and Jan. 21, 2009, respectively. Set contains the 36-page election and the 32-page inauguration sections, which includes the front pages, shipped together flat in an acid-free plastic envelope to store for the future. No matter what your political affiliation, these are great collectibles.
#BA-55222  $45.00.

Barack Obama Coin Set
Barack Obama Coin Set
Commemorate the historic 2008 Presidential election with our exclusive Barack Obama "44th President" U.S. coin set. Layered in genuine 24k gold, a colorized image of the newly elected President has been applied to a Hawaii statehood quarter (Obama's birthstate) and a Washington presidential dollar coin. ach collectible legal tender coin also features Obama's authorized signature and are displayed in airtight acrylic holders.

#JS-84828  $64.95.

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