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Collectibles (TV/Movies/Sports)

Film Cels

Star Wars Film Cels
Star Wars Film Cels
Own a piece of cinematic history with this fantastic set of film cels from the STAR WARS series. This handsome framed collection features one mini-poster and one film cel from all six STAR WARS films. Each cel is one-of-a-kind, cut from an actual copy of the film as it was shown in theaters. In this one collectible you instantly have the entire history of STAR WARS. As the movie industry moves to digital, film cels should become more scarce and more valuable. Fully licensed by Lucasfilms with certificate of authenticity. Available in limited quantities. Measures 19"x 11". Includes Certificate of Authenticity. 
#LS-81677  $299.95.

Batman Dark Knight Film Cels
Batman returns to save Gotham from the most sinister supervillain he's ever faced--The Joker! Fans will not want to miss this framed plexiglass collection of actual 35mm film cels and mini-posters. Each cel is one-of-a-kind, cut from real film and may vary from those shown. Limited edition of 2500. Limited quantities. Includes Certificate of Authenticity. 
#JS-54499  $279.95.

Harry Potter™ Original Film Cels
Share in Harry Potter's™ great destiny and own a piece of the magic with this collectable set of film cels. Selected posters and Harry Potter™ 35mm film cels from actual prints of all five movies, including the newest release, "Order of the Phoenix" are mounted in a handsome frame. Individually numbered from a limited edition. With the movie industry going digital, these film cels should grow more rare everyday. Includes Certificate of Authenticity.  
#JS-82849  $259.95.

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