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I Gotta Have That!

Collectibles (TV/Movies/Sports)

Million/Billion Dollar Bills

Whether it's for fun or profit, of this you can be sure... no matter to whom you give one of these bills---IT WILL BE REMEMBERED. People will never forget the person or company who gave them that million or billion.

Retailers run "Million Dollar Sales" or "Billion Dollar Sales" by advertising free bills with every purchase.

Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers use them to attract buyers at trade shows.

Charities insert them in fund raising letters. A client doubled the response with a million dollar bill and a card reading, "Thanks A Million For Your Support."

Resell them--- Many customers have sold over 1000 bills at flea markets on a weekend.

Enclose one with your next sales letter to attract attention and get better results.


Use them as attention getters at parties or meetings

Reward service people, mail carriers, waiters for a job well done.

Front Of Million Dollar Bill
Back Of Million Dollar Bill
#MDB-1M  10 for $5.00; 25 for $10.00; 100 for $25.00; 500 for $100.00; 1,000 for $300.00.
Front Of Billion Dollar Bill
Back Of Billion Dollar Bill
#BDB-1B  10 for $5.00; 25 for $10.00; 100 for $25.00; 500 for $100.00; 1,000 for $300.00.

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