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Self Defense

Pressure Point Self Defense Book
Pressure Point Self Defense Book
No Martial Arts Training Required!
Disable the most brutal attacker, sometimes with only a mere touch to the correct nerve. Now you can defend yourself in any situation with the devastating, long-suppressed art of Pressure Point Self-Defense. World-renowned pressure point expert, George Dillman, presents simple, yet extremely effective, non-lethal moves and holds that temporarily disable any attacker. Step-by-step photo sequences demonstrate the moves that guarantee you can defend yourself even when you're taken by surprise or suddenly grabbed by a bigger, stronger opponent. This complete manual gives you a detailed demonstration of the many pressure points on the human body and how to use them against your attacker--and how to protect your own. Dillman explains each of the points on the arms, legs and head and the proper way to disable them; by striking, rubbing or--believe it or not--a mere touch. No matter what the situation, you'll learn how stop your attacker cold, giving you the time you need to make your escape. 264 pages.
#JS-25264  $39.95.

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