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Radio Control B-2 Stealth Bomber
Remote control B2 Stealth Bomber is a great-looking, ready-to-fly radio controlled aircraft that is sure to captivate beginners and experienced R/C pilots alike. Radio controlled bomber is Safe, clean, quiet and affordable, they make a perfect entry-level aircraft. The B-2 radio controlled Stealth Bomber is constructed of EPP plastic foam which has excellent anti-break characteristics. Features dual electric pusher-props that are safe and durable. The aircraft is hand launched, so a gentle toss gets them flying. Then using the included radio control transmitter the pilot has precise control over climb, glide and flight direction. Flies up to 300 feet! Returning to earth is a breeze - merely back off the throttle and the aircraft glides to a gentle belly landing. The remote control aircraft is steered by differential thrust so there are no fragile moving control surfaces, no adjustments needed and no complicated servos to add weight and complexity. The B2 Stealth Bomber is 100% pre-assembled. Recommended not to fly in strong winds. Suitable for ages 12 and above Dimensions: 27" wing span x 10" x 3" Includes 2 extra props, rechargeable battery, charger, and full function R/C transmitter.

#SPLB-17497  $199.95.


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