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I Gotta Have That!

Collectibles (TV/Movies/Sports)

TV/Movie Figurines

The Munsters 12 Inch Figure Set
In honor of The Munsters' 40th Anniversary, Majestic Studios has created a line of deluxe 12” collectible figures of the marvelously monstrous Munsters! Each figure is a great likeness and features authentically styled costumes.
#JT-MUN128  $299.95.

"Halloween" Michael Myers & Dr Loomis Box Set
This deluxe statue set recreates the battle of good and evil waged between Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis. The diorama bases allow the 15” figures to be posed separately or together to form a larger scene spanning over 24” in length! Dr. Loomis, presented for the first time in statue form, comes complete with pistol, and Michael Myers comes with his trademark knife.
#JT-HMM  $64.95.

Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Features a bloody display base with splattered limbs as accessories. Not for the faint at heart! 12 inches high.

#JT-LF  $89.95.

Darth Vader Statue
The supreme Dark Lork of the Sith, the one and only Darth Vader! The Darth Vader statue stands 15" tall and is one of the best renditions of the character ever made!
#JT-SWDV  $399.95.

Hellraiser Pinhead Figurine
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Based on the popular Hellraiser horror film series by Clive Barker. It's the one and only Pinhead in action figure form. The figure stands approximately 7" tall, is fully articulated, and comes with accessories and base.
#TAST-HP  $39.95.

Hellraiser Series 3 Set
Highly detailed and poseable Hellraiser figures includes: Frank w/ Rat and Switchblade, Female w/ Torture Tools, Bloodline Twins, and Hell on Earth Pinhead.
#JT-HRS  $119.95.

The Incredible Hulk
This “incredible” maquette of the green-skinned behemoth comes painted and ready to display.  Measures in at an awesome 9" tall!
#JT-MARMQ13  $149.95.

Talking Donald Trump
Talking Trump Doll speaks 17 phrases, including everybody's favorite, "You're fired!" Wish you could go a few rounds in the Boardroom? Dream of trying out for The Apprentice? Now you can play mini-mogul with your own Donald Trump doll. He speaks 17 phrases in The Donald's real voice, including advice ("Think big and live large") as well as boardroom dismissals like, "I should fire myself just for having you around," and "I have no choice but to tell you, you're fired." 12" tall.
#SPLB-2267  $39.95.

General George S. Patton Jr.
This figure comes complete with many brand new items. A definite must for any Patton fan!
    Uniform: M1 helmet customized with 4 stars, ETO ("Ike") dress jacket, officer cotton dress shirt, tie, whipcord breeches, M1940 Riding Boots

    Equipment: Handcuff case (leather) Cartridge slide (leather) trouser suspenders, riding crop, utility pouch, belt w/"US" logo

    Weapons: Colt .45 revolver w/holster, .45 cartridge

    Insignia: 3rd Army patch, "U.S" collar patch, ring, USMA (West Point) graduation ring, General Ribbon, collar star, shoulder star, gloves

#VOYRTY-73109   $89.95.


Talking Sgt. R. Lee Ermey
Sgt R. Lee Ermey Figure
Former Marine Sgt. R. Lee Ermey has a few things to say to you. He put his eleven years in the Marine Corps to good use playing a drill instructor in the Vietnam war film, Full Metal Jacket. For those of you without the necessary motivation, Ermey has requisitioned eight of his favorite inspirational phrases to give you the kick in the butt you so desperately require. We dare not print these phrases in their entirety but here's enough to make sure you get to morning roll call. "Get your head out of your a**. Wake up and smell the roses, n*mbn*ts. You are the a**h*le in charge of your own destiny." This 12" vinyl figure has over 20 points of articulation and is dressed in a highly detailed U.S. Marine Corps uniform including drill instructor's hat and ceremonial saber. He stands on a parade field base labeled "Semper Fi U.S.M.C." and is packaged in a full color window box featuring a Certificate of Lack of Motivation. Parental discretion advised. Uses strong language not suitable for children.

#JS-27207  $64.95.


Platoons' Barnes, Taylor & Elias Set
 Finally, your favorite characters from your favorite Vietnam movie! You get the following war figures: Staff Sgt. Bob Barnes (Tom Berenger), Sgt. Elias Grodin (Willem Dafoe), and Pvt. Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen). These 12 inch, highly articulated figures come with authentic military Vietnam-Era gear as seen in the film. Each figure is individually packed with a full color box, a reprint of the theatrical poster and cast list. Extremely Limited Quantities Left!
#GMTYZ-PLTN3  $249.95.

Blues Brothers Figure Set
This 2-figure set based upon the classic 1980 comedy The Blues Brothers. Featuring John Belushi as Joliet Jake Blues and Dan Aykroyd as Elwood Blues, these 6” scale Blues Brothers figures feature interlocking bases.
#JT-BLUES2  $99.95.

"Scarface" Tony Montana
Considered the ultimate gangster film, an unforgettable portrayal of money, power, and extravagance, Scarface features Al Pacino's classic performance as ruthless Tony Montana. First released to theaters in 1983, this gripping crime epic transcends generations and continues to influence popular culture today. Stands 18" tall. Pre-Order ships in May.
#SSC-STM  $299.95.

Scarface Tony Montana
"Say 'ello to my lil' friend!" This 7" scale figures are dead-on likeness to Al Pacino starring as Tony Montana in the infamous 1983 film Scarface. You won't believe your eyes! Scarface in black suit comes fully articulated and includes machine gun with removable clip!
Pre-Order ships in June.

#TYWZ-SCAR2  $119.95.


Bruce Lee
4 authentic figurines of the legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee. The poses are replicas from his mega blockbuster movie Enter The Dragon. Limited Edition!
#AOT-BLP  $249.95.

Jimi Hendrix Figure #2 Monterey Pop Festival
Rock icon Jimi Hendrix features a custom base and guitar accessories. It's a scene from his performance at the 1969 Rock Festival "Woodstock."
#JT-JIMI2  $89.95.

Rhett And Mammys Petticoat Figurine Music Box
Rhett And Mammys Petticoat Figurine
This touching resin figurine recaptures the scene from Gone With The Wind ™ as Mammy talks with Rhett Butler on the day of Bonnie's birth, revealing the red petticoat Rhett brought her from New Orleans. Wind-up music box plays "Tara's Theme." 9.5"L x 7.5"W x 4.25"H.
#BA-46709  $119.95.

Moses carries his trademark shepherd’s staff and the 10 Commandments’ tablets (removable!). Flexible joints for a variety of poses. 5 1/2"H.
#SPLB-3354  $19.95.

GI Joe Pen Set
GI Joe Pen Set
Set of 3 collectible ballpoint pens take the form of the famous fighting hero as Tactical Advisor, Navy SEAL, and Army Ranger. Each bears the authentic uniform and weaponry of his force, and includes a 2" diameter base and decorative display box. Plastic; 5.5" tall.
#BA-45735  $44.95.

Alien VS Predator Hybrid Chestburster
This full scale polystone sculpture captures all of the grotesque details of the chestburster that combines the DNA of Alien and Predator! Measures around 12” in size.
#JT-AVPS  $249.95.

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