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I Gotta Have That!

Collectibles (TV/Movies/Sports)


Scarface "Make Way For The Bad Guy" Poster
From the classic gangster movie Scarface! A poster featuring Al Pacino as Tony Montana aka Scarface. NOTE: Although the poster says "Make way for the bad guy," in this scene he actually says "Make way for my little friend!"
Poster measures approximately 24" x 36".

#WCS-SF  $24.95.


Van Helsing Dracula Poster
A great poster of Dracula from Van Helsing! Measures approx 24" x 36"
#WCS-VHD  $14.95.

Shrek 2 Movie Poster
Shrek 2 poster featuring the lovable duo! Measures approx 24" x 34"
#WCS-S2  $19.95.

Rocky Movie Score Poster
Sylvester Stallone beat the odds in the Academy Award winning film "Rocky." Poster features credits of the movie.
#WCS-RMP  $19.95.

Planet Of The Apes Classic Movie Poster
Nothing beats the original "Planet Of The Apes" starring Charleton Heston and Roddy McDowell. This powerful image brings back all the thrilling shock of the legendary sci-fi movie's powerful tale! Measures approx. 24" x 36" shipped rolled in a crush-resistant tube to arrive undamaged.
#WCS-POTA  $14.95.

One of the most highly anticipated sequels in movie history -- Lawrence Fishburn returns as Morpheus in The Matrix Reloaded! Shipped rolled, in a crush-resistant tube to arrive undamaged. Measures 24" x 34"
#WCS-TMR  $24.95.

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