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I Gotta Have That!

Collectibles (TV/Movies/Sports)

Unique Playing Cards

Starz Behind Barz Cards
Starz Behind Barz Cards
Starz Behind Barz Cards

Amazing mug shots of the rich and famous caught in the act. Set of casino-quality playing cards featuring the law-breaking escapades of America's most well-known criminals. Featuring Dennis Rodman, Carmen Electra, Robert Downey Jr., Marilyn Manson, Eminem, and 48 others, including Michael Jackson (who else?) on the Jokers. They'll give you plenty to talk about no matter what game you're playing.

#JS-29618  $24.95.

Most Wanted Criminals Playing Cards
Casino-quality playing cards printed by the Carta Mundi, the world's finest manufacturer of playing cards, that feature the world's 55 most-wanted criminals.
The deck covers the full gamut of evil-doers, from Ace of Spades Usama Bin Laden to recently captured Nova Esther Guthrie, the 8-year fugitive bank robber. The cards include a photo of each criminal, their crime and if applicable, the reward figure for their capture.
#NWTCDS-MW  $19.95.

Iraqi Most Wanted Cards
Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Cards that were "Made In The USA," our special deck is designed to be a collectors replica. Patriotic.
• Top quality, poker (2-1/2" x 3-1/2") size cards.
• REAL, coated playing cards with rounded edges.
• A Limited Edition of 25,000 decks!
• Includes our Exclusive BONUS "Iraqi Most Wanted" Joker Playing Card drawn by U.K. Playing Card Artist, Peter Wood (Artist of our WILD! Deck). This is the 3rd Joker in this deck of cards.
• These cards are in stock and shipping!
• LIMITED QUANTITIES!  We have a limited amount of these cards left. Once they are gone, that is it! Orders are completed on a first come, first serve basis.
#NWTCDS-IRAQ2  $19.95.

Baseball Legends Playing Cards
A card game for all baseball fans which includes 13 baseball heroes and their record-breaking statistics: Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Roberto Clemente, and more. Includes instructions. Suitable for most card games.
#NWTCDS-BA54  $19.95.

World War II Poster Playing Cards
Nostalgia buffs and collectors of World War II memorabilia will be intrigued by these color reproductions of vintage posters from 1939-1945. The posters support wartime efforts including women's support groups, war bonds, and patriotic public reminder notices.
#NWTCDS-WW2  $19.95.

Las Vegas Playing Cards
Las Vegas Playing Cards

In just 100 years, Las Vegas has made an indelible mark on the American landscape. This double deck of casino-quality playing cards gives you 110 rare and classic photos of the entertainment capital of the world. You get the famous and infamous, from Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack to Bugsy Siegel and Howard Hughes, along with landmark buildings and unforgettable events. Many images have never been reproduced before, while others are so well known, they've become part of American history. Two complete decks, each with 2 jokers.

#JS-29906  $19.95.


$100 Bill Playing Cards
#OT-MDBC  $9.95.

Superman Playing Cards
Superman Playing Cards

The Man Of Steel deals out a winning hand with this logo-shaped tin that holds one deck of standard playing cards.

#BA-46722  $22.95.


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