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DieCast Airplanes

World War II Airplanes With Sound Set
World War II Airplanes With Sound Set
This set of 2 desktop models roar to life with realistic sound with a press of a button or a flick of the propeller. The P-47 Thunderbolt, introduced in 1941, was armed with 2 machine guns and capable of speeds up to 430 MPH. The F4U-1 Corsair, nicknamed "The Bent-Wing Bird," was introduced in 1940 and has the best kill ratio in history. Both models are 1:100 scale and include display pedestal and decorative window box. Uses 3 "AAA" batteries, included. 4.75"W x 5"D x 3"H.
#BA-46396  $119.95.

                                                   Air Force One


Crafted from fine grade hardwood, our replica is hand painted to faithfully match the original colors and markings as designated by President Kennedy. (Scale 1:100; 17 3/4' wingspan).
#DBM-AF1  $299.95.

B-29 Bomber Enola Gay
B-29 Enola Gay - 1:44 Scale
Pilot Paul Tibbets (who named the plane after his mother) and the crew of this Boeing B-29 Super Fortress were given one of the most important tasks of WWII. On August 6, 1945, they took off from an island in the South pacific and dropped the atom bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. The plane was modified for this job with new engines, propellers and a faster-acting bomb bay door. Disassembled in 1960, the Enola Gay has been restored and is now an exhibit in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington. Features
• Both Bombers Feature Rolling Rubber Tires and Display Stand
• Precision Diecast Replica
• 1:144 Scale Model
• 8 Inches Long

#MM-EG  $129.95.

B-17F Memphis Belle
B-17F Memphis Belle - 1:44 Scale
Memphis Belle
This Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress was piloted by Colonel Robert Morgan (and named after his sweetheart) as part of the 8th Air Force’s 324th Bombardment Squadron. She was first bomber of the 8th to complete 25 missions required to send the crew home. Despite an engine shot out 5 times and almost losing her tail, she completed her missions without losing a single crewmember. Today she is on display at the Mud Island Air Field in Tennessee.
• Both Bombers Feature Rolling Rubber Tires and Display Stand
• Precision Diecast Replica
• 1:144 Scale Model
• 8? Inches Long
#MM-MB  $89.95.

Charles Lindbergh’s "Spirit of St. Louis"
Charles Lindbergh?s Spirit of St. Louis - 1:43 Scale
On May 20, 1927, Lindbergh became the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic. His Spirit of St. Louis, with only a magnetic compass to guide him, took 34 hours before arriving in Europe. Features
• Each Pioneer of Aviation Plane Comes with Display Stand and Commemorative Coin
• Precision Diecast Replica
• 1:32 Scale Model
• 3 Inches Long
#MM-SOSL  $39.95.

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