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I Gotta Have That!

Collectibles (TV/Movies/Sports)


6-In-1 Casino Plug N Play TV Game
Play 6 popular casino games, including Texas Hold'em-right on your TV -- no cartridges required! Electronic plug-and-play casino game is the easiest way to learn and play exciting games like Texas Hold'em, black jack, poker, roulette, slots and video solitaire. All games are built into the self-contained handheld controller that plugs right into your TV audio/video input jacks-no console or cartridges required! Full-color with authentic casino sound effects. Uses 4 AA batteries, not included.

#SPLB-6571  $59.95.


6-Player TV Hold 'em Poker Game System
TV Poker Game For 6 Players 
Play No-Limit Texas Hold ’Em Poker on TV just like the pros. No need to travel to Vegas or qualify for the pro tournament: now you and your friends can play poker on TV—complete with full-color display of cards, chips and score—anytime you want! No messy chips or shuffling. Players view hold cards and place bets on handheld controllers, bluff face to face, and watch the community "river" cards and betting action on the TV as it happens. Includes limit, no-limit, classic table stakes and single player game (great for learning and practice!). Easily connects to any standard TV. Uses 4 AA batteries or standard AC/DC adapter (not included). For up to 6 players, ages 10 to adult.
#SPLB-3357  $124.95.

Talking Tabletop 5-in-1 Casino Game
Virtual casino 5-in-1 brings real casino action into the palm of your hand! Vegas-style flashing lights and sounds make this virtual casino more fun than most. Take a blackjack break and try your luck at the table. You'll hear the crowd cheer when you're up or moan in sympathy when you lose. Virtual 5-in-1 Casino deals like a professional, with options like double-down, split, and even insurance. Also includes Video Poker, Bonus Poker, Stars & Stripes Slots and Diamond Slots. Measures 6-1/2x4x8". Uses 2 AA batteries, included.
#SPLB-1853  $49.95.

7-in-1 Casino Game
The 7-in-1 Casino has seven ways to thoroughly entertain you, just like in a real casino. With a real pull-handle to play Slots, flashing lights and jackpot sound effects and cheers of the crowd, you'll feel like you're on the strip in Vegas. Of course, you get all the options found on a real casino table. Double-down on a blackjack hand, split, or buy insurance. The seven games include Texas Hold 'Em, Blackjack, Jackpot Poker, Draw Poker, Pirate Sea Slots, Flag of Champions Slots, and Baccarat. Your personal dealer is the wisecracking Mr. Max Bet, who will keep you smiling as you play. Requires two "AA" batteries (not included). 

#FSO-18119  $49.95.

Super Slot Triple Thunder Game
Bring Las Vegas action home—without losing a cent! Super Slot Triple Thunder is just like the real thing–with all the flashing, beeping, clanging (and even some winning!) No real coins–Super Slot comes with its own tokens but pays out depending on what you’ve rolled–like a real slot machine! Insert up to three tokens, pull the lever and watch the drums reel. Scream with excitement when you hit a jackpot and the machine pays out with all the fanfare of being in Vegas! Sorry, wannabe casino moguls: machine is for entertainment use only. Uses 4 D batteries (not included). Made of plastic materials. 8x6-1/2x12-1/2"H.
#SPLB-5750  $99.95.

Golf Pool Game
Golfer’s putter pool—plays like golf, shoots like pool.
You don’t need a pool table to play fun games like 8 Ball or Rotation. Golfer’s Putters Pool uses regulation golf balls that are colored like billiard balls to play these games and more, right on the floor! Use your own putter to play outdoors or inside on carpet. Comes with 16 balls, ball rack and 6 putting cups. 1 to 4 players.
#SPLB-6521  $79.95.

Tic Tac Putt Golf Game
Play Tic-Tac-Putt for a ‘hole lotta fun! "Unique indoor/outdoor putting game scores just like Tic Tac Toe. Includes durable putting “green” and 10 golf balls, 5 of each color. Putter not included."
#SPLB-5131  $79.95.

Spider-Man TV Plug & Play
Play 5 web-slinging, crime-fighting Spider-Man games right on your own TV! No game console required: games are based on the action-packed movies! The fate of the city depends on you! Just plug the web-textured joystick into your TV or VCR's A/V port and play five action-packed games based on the hit Spider-Man movies, including: Streets of the City, Doc Ock Horror!, Green Goblin's Escape, Venom's Vindication! and Spider Training. Compact with cool graphics and sound, use it at home or take it with you anywhere. Uses 4 AA batteries, not included.
#SPLB-1048  $59.95.

Spongebob Plug-N-Play TV Game
Kids love the 5 unique SpongeBob themed video games contained in this simple handheld joystick...plugs directly into your TV. He's the most popular cartoon character today and now kids can play 5 original SpongeBob arcade games at home—without a game console or cartridges. Portable joystick controller plugs right into your TV's audio/video input jacks. Each game is set in SpongeBob's home of Bikini Bottom and showcases the highjinks of the characters kids will recognize from the animated TV series. Uses 4 AA batteries, not included. Joystick controller measures approximately 6x6x5". Ages 5+.
#SPLB-6487  $59.95.

Atari 10 in 1 Game
Play 10 classic Atari video games on your TV - no game console required. Just plug the joystick into your TV or VCRs A/V in ports and play the very best games from Atari, the video game pioneer. Now you can relive the good times you had by once again playing classics like Centipede, Asteroids, Missile Command, Battlezone, Adventure, Combat and more! Simple and small, you can use it at home, at friend's house or even in a hotel room. Uses 4 AA batteries, not included.
#SPLB-1893  $59.95.

6-in-1 Sega Genesis System
Play 6 authentic Sega classics right on your TV including Sonic the Hedgehog. No console or cartridges required! Plug-in the handheld game controller to your TV and instantly play authentic Sega favorites, just like you remember them! Every detail is perfect, from original 16-bit graphics to sound effects. Play arcade legends like Sonic, Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Dr. Robotnick's Mean Bean Machine, Kid Chameleon and Flicky. Compact controller measures 6-1/2x3", and plugs directly into your TV audio/video input jack. Uses 4 AA batteries (not included).

#SPLB-3339  $59.95.


Namco Classic Arcade Video Game System
Original Pac-Man plus 4 others - no cartridges needed!

The real thing: original graphics, sound and identical game play of the full size arcade classics! Who’d have thought that all the technology from 5 coffin-sized arcade games could fit in one portable joystick that fits in the palm of your hand? Innovative Namco arcade system plugs right into your TV audio/video input jacks—no bulky console or cartridges required. Play Pac-Man, Galaxian, Dig-Dug, Rally-X and Bosconian right on your TV screen just how you remember them. Can you beat your high scores from the 80’s? Pac-Man gobbles up dots and fruit in a maze race, Dig Dug destroys the underground meanies, Rally-X races for the checkered flag, and Bosconian and Galaxian fight enemies in space. Compact joystick controller measures 41?2x4", small enough to take anywhere. Uses 4 AA batteries, not included.
#SPLB-6569  $59.95.

Namco Arcade System II
Original Ms. Pac-Man and 4 others--5 classic arcade games without cartridges

Original graphics, sound and identical game play of full size arcade classics! Plugs into your TV! Who'd have thought that all the technology from 5 coffin-sized arcade games could fit in one portable joystick that fits in the palm of your hand. Innovative Namco arcade system plugs right into your TV audio/video input jacks--no bulky console or cartridges required. Ms. Pacman, Pole, Position, Galaga, Mappy and Xevious right on your TV screen just how you remember them. Can you beat your high scores from the 80's? Compact joystick controller measures 4-1/2x4", small enough to take anywhere. Uses 4 AA batteries, not included.
#SPLB-3650  $59.95.

Space Invaders Video System
The real thing: play original Space Invaders right on your TV! Play classic video game favorite Space Invaders right on your TV--no console required! Remember the hours you spent on Space Invaders, one of the most popular video games of all time? Now you can recapture that challenge and excitement with all the original sound and graphics from the full-size arcade version in a compact handheld controller that plugs right into your TV audio/video input jacks--no bulky (or expensive) consoles or cartridges! 5-in-1 Game includes Space Invaders plus Qix, Phoenix, Colony 7 and Lunar Rescue. Controller is 7-1/2x3-1/2x5-1/4". Uses 4 AA batteries, not included.

#SPLB-3390  $59.95.


Disney Plug & Play Video Game

Disney video games in a single controller plays games right through your TV! Forget about expensive game consoles or complicated software. Plug & Play video controller is easy to use and lets you do just that: plug it into your TV and play! Kid-pleasing games include Simba & The Tree of Trials, Stitch’s Search for Paradise, Donald’s Golf Tournament, Aladdin and the 5 Gems of Agrabah and Timon to the Rescue. Uses 4 AA batteries, not included. Joystick controller measures approximately 5x5x4". Ages 5 and up.

#SPLB-3660  $59.95.




Set of 3 Handheld Electronic Games
Electronic casino games in your pocket! Electronic Poker: Practice when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em and how much to bet. Cool little electronic game uses 2 AAA batteries, not included. 4x3". Electronic Slot: Casino-style slot lets you win up to 10,000 points in a single spin! Cool little electronic game uses 2 AAA batteries, not included. 4x3". Electronic Blackjack: Hit or stay get better at blackjack without spending a dime! Cool little electronic game uses 2 AAA batteries, not included.
#SPLB-9800  $49.95.

Electronic Backgammon
Electronic backgammon is realistic and easy-to-see.
Sharpen skills anywhere with this portable electronic game. Large LCD screen looks like a real board as you “roll” the dice, move your pieces and knock your virtual opponent to the bar. Includes 2 difficulty levels plus special “take back move” feature. Uses 3 AA batteries, not included. 1 player. 6-1/2x4x1".
#SPLB-5888  $44.95.

Handheld Electronic Bible Trivia Game
Test your bible knowledge with over 1200 questions.
Multiple-choice questions relating to the bible appear on the LCD screen. Retains previous high score so you can improve each time you play. Sound effects and music add to the fun. 4-3/4x3x1". Uses 3 AAA batteries, not included. 1 player. Ages 8 to adult.
#SPLB-3886  $44.95.

Trump Board Game
The Donald says, "Play this game to win, or YOU'RE FIRED!"

Play the game that lets you feel the power and make deals just like America's favorite mogul, Donald Trump. Players bid on real estate, buy big ticket items like islands and office buildings and make billion-dollar business deals. Collect and play Trump Cards to make deals and grow your pile of cash-or tell an opponent, "You're fired!" Use strategy and tips from The Donald to acquire properties for below market cost. Negotiate, compromise and close deals with other players. When all of the Trump cards are played, the player with the most money wins. Comes with game board, 60 Trump cards, T-shaped pawns, dice, property boxes, money and more. 2-4 adult players.
#SPLB-1208  $49.95.

Las Vegas Monopoly
The Las Vegas Edition of the Monopoly Game is the ultimate souvenir that provides never-ending risk taking and deal making. Now’s your chance to buy, sell and trade the most renowned hotel casinos and reign as kingpin of the world’s favorite playground! Own it all. Play for the ultimate fantasy of Vegas-style success and wealth. Unbelievable hotel casinos like Caesars Place, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand and The Desert Inn are yours for the taking. The world-famous Strip is immortalized on the coveted “Boardwalk” space. The most prized property is up for sale. Showcasing Downtown’s Fremont Street Experience on the traditional “Park Place” property. A lucky roll of the dice could land you this four-block long arcade of color and lights. Featuring an all-black Monopoly game board highlighting all of Vegas’ night-time glitz and glamour. Comes with custom Vegas money, custom Vegas property cards, Slots and Blackjack Cards, red Vegas dice, custom pewter tokens (blackjack cards, wedding chapel, roulette wheel, poker chips, slot machine, showgirl) and custom suites and penthouses.

#BRDGMES-028  $64.95.


New York City Monopoly
Take a bite out of the Big Apple with the all-new MonopolyŽ Game: New York City Edition! Delve into risk taking and deal making in a quest to buy up quintessential New York City properties from Manhattan to Central Park, the five boroughs to Wall Street and Fifth Avenue. Featuring six new collectible pewter tokens. Play to own it all!
#BRDGMES-147  $49.95.

"Make Your-Own-Opoly" Personalized Board Game
Custom create your own personalized board game! Played just like the famous board game, only you personalize it just for you! All it takes is pen and scissors or PC and printer to customize your own Opoly game, including board, deeds, game cards and even the money and box itself. Comes complete with easy-to-use CD-ROM software plus floppy disk and computer paper for production-quality results. 2 to 6 players. Ages 8 to adult. Computer Requirements: PC with 386SX Processor, Windows 3.1 or later, DOS 3.0 or later, 8 Megs of RAM, Dot Matrix, Laser, or Ink Jet Printer.
#SPLB-8937  $59.95.

Scene It Game Turner Classic Movies
Scene It Game Turner Classic Movies Edition
Pop some popcorn, and round up the gang--it's time to challenge yourself and your friends while reliving some of the greatest moments in film history! In this exciting DVD game, players watch film clips from legendary movies in every genre, then test their powers of observation and movie knowledge. Features popular titles from the Turner Entertainment archives like The Wizard Of Oz, Casablanca, Singin' In The Rain, and Dr. Zhivago. Includes game board, 200 trivia cards, 30 Biz cards, 4 collectible game tokens, and instructions for short and long versions of play. For 2-4 players or teams, ages teen to adult. (TV and DVD player not included.)
#BA-46752  $89.95.

Cathedral World Strategy Game

The ultimate strategy game of territory dominance now includes world landmarks and makes a striking conversation piece. Friends will be most curious when they spy this architecturally intriguing game sitting on your coffee table. Based on a walled medieval city, with detailed reproductions of 32 world famous structures like the Great Wall of China, Big Ben, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and more. Players are challenged to control as much of the city as possible by erecting the most buildings of their color and possessing the "citizens of the world" statue within their control. Based on the classic game of Cathedral, chosen by Games Magazine as one of the best strategy games of the year. Entertaining, strategic and educational fun for two players. 10x10x3" high.
#SPLB-5391  $89.95.

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