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DieCast Warships

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All ships below are shipped fully assembled!

U.S.S. Battleship Arizona BB-39
U.S.S. Arizona BB-39 -  10 inches long
Victim of a surprise japanese attack, the battleship USS Arizona sank quickly at Pearl Harbor, becoming the final resting place for over 2,000 of its crew. Now the site of a national memorial in Hawaii, the Arizona commemorates all those who perished in the attack on December 7, 1945, and all those who fought in the Pacific during World War II. Our highly detailed die cast metal and plastic replica features four moving turrets each with three guns, twelve secondary guns, eight anti-aircraft guns, four propellers, two spotter floatplanes and much more. 1:700 scale. 10.25" long.
#MM-ARZ  $54.95.

U.S.S. Carrier Hornet CV-8
U.S.S. Hornet CV-8 - 14 inches long
Legendary as the ship that launched the daring 1942 daytime raid on Tokyo Japan by Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle, the USS Hornet also played an integral part in the pivotial Battle of Midway. The Hornet's heroic service ended in the savage Battle of Santa Cruz on October 26, 1942. Our highly detailed die cast metal and plastic replica rendition features 16 twin-engined B-25 bombers on the flight deck (the planes making the "Tokyo Raid"), eight 5-inch guns, sixteen1.1-inch guns, twenty-four 20mm guns, four propellers, and much more. 1:700 scale. 13.75" long.
#MM-HRNT  $59.95.

U.S.S. Missouri BB-63
USS Missouri - 1:700 Scale

Site Of The Japanese Surrender. The last battleship built by the U.S., "The Mighty Mo" began its career in 1944 supporting the invasions of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. After participating in the final bombardments of the Japanese mainland, the Missouri became the site of the official Japanese surrender. Later serving in the Korean and Persian Gulf wars, the battleship is now a floating museum at Pearl Harbor, anchored near her sister ship, the sunken Arizona. Our highly detailed die cast metal and plastic replica features nine 16-inch guns in three turrets, twelve 5-inch guns and much more. 15" long.

#JS-29820  $54.95.


U.S.S Carrier Intrepid CV-11
USS Intrepid - 1:700 Scale
This former Intrepid crewmen had a unique idea about displaying his model.
Thank you. It arrived today in fine shape.
       I am impressed with the weight and detail at such a fair price.
       Attached is quick photo I took to give you an idea of my display.
    The wood block is a small piece of the original flight deck, from
    1945, before she was converted to her currant configuration.
    Don't mind the photo quality....I may have lightened them up too much.
    I'll send more after I get brass plaque made and finish display.
 Thanks again,   Jim

Survivor Of Three Kamikaze Attacks. Proving to be a highly resilient ship, the aircraft carrier Intrepid survived an aerial torpedo during the attack on Truk, a suicide plane while attacking targets in the Philippines, another suicide attack during the bombardment of the Japanese home islands, and a simultaneous attack by two kamikazes during the Okinawa campaign. Surviving all attempts to sink her, the Intrepid is now a Sea-Air-Space museum in New York City harbor. Our highly detailed die cast metal and plastic rendition features twelve 5-inch guns in four turrets, 16 aircraft and much more. 15" long.

#JS-29822  $59.95.


USS Battleship New Jersey BB-62
U.S.S. New Jersey BB-62 -  15 inches long

Most Decorated Ship Of All Time. Veteran of four wars from World War II to Desert Storm, the USS New Jersey has served all over the globe since its original commissioning in 1943. The New Jersey's guns provided cover and screen for aircraft carriers and bombarded land targets with its 2,700 pound shells. The famed battleship now serves as a naval museum in Camden, NJ. Our highly detailed die cast metal and plastic version features nine 16-inch guns in three movable turrets, twenty 5-inch dual purpose guns in six twin mounts, eight armored box launchers for 32 Tomahawk cruise missiles, four quadruple canister launchers for 16 Harpoon anti-ship missiles, a Kaman SH-2 Seasprite helicopter, four propellers, and much more. 1:700 scale. 15" long.

#MMBA-28409  $54.95.


U.S.S Heavy Cruiser Indianapolis CA-35
USS Indianapolis - 1:700 Scale

Sunk After Delivering Atomic Bomb. Taking part in numerous missions in her long career, the heavy cruiser Indianapolis served throughout the Pacific, from Alaska to the Philippines. On her last voyage after delivering atomic bomb components to Tinian Island, the Indianapolis was hit by two torpedoes and quickly sank. Only 316 of the 1199 man crew survived, making it America's worst naval disaster. Our highly detailed die cast metal and plastic model features nine 8-inch guns in three turrets, four 5-inch guns, twenty-four 40mm intermediate range guns, thirty-two 20mm guns, and much more. 10.25" long.

#JS-29821  $49.95.


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