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Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones ArtFX Theater Raiders of the Lost Ark Statue

Indiana Jones ArtFX Theater Raiders of the Lost Ark Statue
  • Adventure is his game!
  • Certain to be the centerpiece of any Indiana Jones collection.
  • Taken from Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Stunningly detailed and easy to assemble!
If adventure has a name… it must be "Indiana Jones"! Standing almost 12-inches tall, the intricate sculpting of this unbelievable piece is difficult to comprehend and appreciate until you've actually viewed it in person. The sides portray the incredible stone sculptures of the Peruvian shrine, and the top shows the infamous podium from the 1st scene in Raiders. With bullwhip flailing and idol in hand, Indy flees the temple with the legendary gigantic boulder hot on his heels. Lesser men have failed in their quest for this object… look no further than the grisly torso on the right! The detail in this diorama is simply stunning, and this statue will certainly be the centerpiece of any Indiana Jones collection!
#EE-DC11333  $195.00.

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